Submitted public deliverables

D2.1 Ash characterization and categorization

D3.1 Literature review of material recovery technologies

D7.1 Dissemination and communication plan

D8.3 Data management plan


S.Tominc, V. Ducman, W. Wisniewski, T. Luukkonen, G.M. Kirkelund, L.M. Ottosen (2023) Recovery of phosphorus and metals from the ash of sewage sludge, municipal solid waste, or wood biomass: A review and proposals for further use.
MDPI Materials.

H.J. Bezemer, N. Awasthy and M. Lukovic (2023) Multiscale Analysis of Long-term Mechanical and Durability Behaviour of Two Alkali-activated Slag-based Types of Concrete.
Construction and Building Materials.

S. Tominc and V. Ducman (2023) Methodology for evaluating the CO2 sequestration capacity of waste ashes.
MDPI Materials.

A. Komkova & G. Habert (2023) The Urban-Industrial Metabolism: Contribution of Waste Recycling to the Circular Economy Objectives within the Construction Sector.
Journal of Physics Conference Series 2023 Ser. 2600 172002

H.J. Bezemer, N. Awasthy and M. Lukovic (2023) Long-Term Mechanical and Durability Behaviour of Two Alkali-Activated Types of Concrete.
Synercrete'23 conference, Milos (RILEM Book Series vol. 44)

L.M. Ottosen, P.E. Jensen, G.M. Kirkelund (2022) Recovery of a Clean Phosphorous from Sewage Sludge Ash.
TBMCE 2022

S. Cerković, N. Štirmer, I. Carević (2023) Effect of free Cao and MgO from wood biomass ash on cementitious composites.
An abstract at ICBBM 2023

N. Štirmer, I. Carević, M. Serdar, E. Zimprich & S. Cerković (2023) Integration of underutilized ashes into material cycles.
An abstract at The 1st European GREEN Conference
[LINK to Conference Proceedings]

I. Carević, N. Štirmer, I. Banjad Pečura, R. Bunjevac-Turalija & Z. Kekez (2023) Chemical and physical properties of blended cements and pastes with wood biomass ash.
RSC-CMSS23: 4th International Congress on Materials & Structural Stability & RILEM Spring Convention Rabat 2023 
[LINK to Conference Proceedings]

Ivana Carević, Marijana Serdar, Ivana Banjad Pečur, Nina Štirmer (2022) Life Cycle Assessment of Blended Cements with Wood Biomass Ashes.
An abstract at TBMCE 2022

D. Vouk, V. Majetić, A. Bubalo, M. Drušković, S. Banovec, N. Štirmer, I. Carević, D. Maljković (2022) The importance of the synergy of economy and science in increasing the sustainability of waste disposal within the framework of the circular economy.
An abstract at Croatian construction forum 2022



Matija Vujec: Influence of wood biomass ash on the properties of ceramic materials
University of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering

Sophie Stride Geyti: Utilization of sewage sludge ash in compressed earth blocks
DTU Department of Environmental and Resource Engineering

Communication materials

AshCycle General Presentation